Native American Ear Coning

This private session takes 45-60 minutes.

Ear Coning is centuries old. Records of ear coning have been traced to ancient India, Tibet, the Aztecs, and as far back as the Egyptian culture.

Ear Coning is done on a massage table. You lay on your side, supported by pillows and a cloth is placed around the face and ear. Once you are settled and comfortable, the large end of a 12" ear cone is lighted. The smaller end of the cone is placed in the ear canal opening. During the session periodically the cone is removed and the burnt material is cut away from the cone and the cone is cleared out. This process is completed until the cone is about 4" long. Once you are centered, you will turn over and the same process is completed on the other ear.

Ear Coning is a very non-invasive technique. Many people find the process to be very relaxing and feel clearer and more balanced after a session. Energy blockages can also be released and some people experience meditative journeys.

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